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My name is Annie Navran, I am a senior at UMKC expected to graduate in December 2017. I am currently pursuing degrees in French Literature and Language and Communications with an emphasis on Journalism and Mass Communications. After graduating, I would like to use my degrees to teach English abroad and live in France while doing freelance writing, as well as pursuing a career in journalism as a travel writer or foreign correspondent. As a graduating senior in the Communication Studies department, I was required work an internship this semester to gain professional work experience and be eligible to graduate. In my opinion, requiring students to complete at least one internship as a degree requirement is a huge advantage of attending UMKC. I have completed two internships and both have served as great learning experiences and valuable resume assets. 

Given that I am graduating this December, I wanted to ensure that I worked an internship that would actually be interesting and useful to me professionally. I didn't want to simply take the first internship to get the grade. Though I applied to intern about nine different places, the Editorial Internship at 435 Magazine, was my top choice. I was lucky enough to hear back from them promptly, interview with the Publisher and Managing Editor and be offered a paid internship.


As an editorial intern, I have assisted the staff writers in researching their stories, furthered my AP Style guide knowledge by performing copyediting duties, I worked with programs like Adobe InDesign and Adobe InCopy while copyediting, worked on my fact-checking and proofreading duties, I learned how to upload all of our digital content to the 435 website and wrote my own stories and created original content for the magazine. 


Ultimately, I got really lucky in landing an internship with 435 Magazine. I have been able to improve my skills in every aspect of journalism, I have had the opportunity to publish quality pieces that I am proud of and work around people who's company I genuinely enjoy.


Over the past four months, I have worked on various stories for the magazine, gained invaluable copy editing experience, ameliorated my interview skills, my capabilities of writing for a specific audience, the 435 readership, and learned how to thrive in a professional environment. 

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