I've been putting my nose in books and my pen to paper for as long as can remember. I have always had my sights set on a life of adventure. 

Throughout my childhood in Kansas City and my education, my infatuation languages, culture and travel gradually developed. I wanted to see the world, be ejected from my well-constructed Midwestern safety nets, and savor the moments and lessons that accompany every new destination. 

I'd haver had the opportunity to travel abroad before going to college. After a three month study abroad experience that took me all over France—then to Spain and Morocco, I unequivocally desired to create a life centered around seeing the world.  

Since then, I have had experience as a staff writer reporting for my university's newspaper, a content writer for a local and national food blog,  I have worked as an editorial intern at the leading lifestyle magazine in Kansas City, a proofreader and editor for a local publishing company.


In Fall 2018, I took a leap—my second international foray—and journeyed to France as a secondary-level English Language Assistant with the TAPIF Program. I worked with high school students in l'Académie de Bordeaux, while living in the stunning centre de Bordeaux. I loved the experience so much that I returned for a round two last year. This time as an Assistant at three primary schools in l'Académie de Toulouse. Throughout may time working in France I have had the opportunity to see and learn so much about the world.

My experience with the TAPIF program was incredibly formative, and it is precisely what drove me to my current endeavor as a candidate for a Joint MA in International Education Management and Masters of Public Administration with a French Language Specialization at Middlebury Institute of International Studies in Monterey, CA.

This website captures a small essence of who I am, the journeys I have taken and the work I have completed. Here, you'll find everything from my professional and education experiences, my published work and my travel blogs. Please enjoy my site and do not hesitate to reach out to me! 

My projects have included:

- Newsletter, newspaper, and magazine articles

- Reviews and Food & Travel Features

- Copy Writing/Editing

- Professional Bios

- High School English Lesson Plans

Primary School English Lesson Plans