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Regrettably Home

I am so lucky. I spent my summer mastering a language, absorbing new cultures, trying unique foods and meeting new people. I have 2000 pictures and a lifetime worth of memories to revisit. I have never felt so happy and so free as I did every single day these past two months. I have never smiled so much and cried so easily. I'll cherish the memories and the friends I made forever.

This is only the beginning. I have a million things left to do and see in each and every place that I have already visited this summer, and a whole world to see after that. I am so infected by the travel bug that I can't envision a future life for myself that doesn't involve forever exploring.

This morning as the plane took off from Charles de Gaulle, it flew right over le Tour Eiffel. I could no longer suppress the devastation of leaving. I cried as France grew farther and farther away from my window seat view. "I don't want to go home" doesn't even scratch the surface on my feelings about returning to Kansas City. I think I left my wandering heart on the other side of the Atlantic.

So for now I must console myself that this is a temporary goodbye. They say absence makes the heart grow fonder. Does that sentiment apply to places too? These past two months have been everything. Santé to an unforgettable summer.