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Marrakech: The Last Supper

Marrakech came and went too quickly. Given how our trip started, I never thought I'd enjoy my time here. From laying in our riad terrified and wishing we'd gone to Amsterdam instead, to confidently haggling for jewelry and taxis. I still long to visit Amsterdam, but I no longer wish we'd gone there over Marrakech. I found something special here that I don't think exists anywhere else in the world.

The culture that exists here, paired with the humbleness of the country and the lack of pretension among its people, is unparalleled. The combination makes it such a unique place to travel. I love it because there is not separation between the tourists from the locals. To see or do anything outside of your hotel room, you have no choice but to mingle with

local culture.

For our last night in Marrakech, Mehdi came through yet again and booked us a reservation at Al Fassia.

Al Fassia is an upscale restaurant, serving traditional Moroccan food in the Ville Nouvelle part of the the city. Praised by every travel guide as one of, if not the best restaurant in all of Marrakech. Well done Mehdi.

For an aperitif, we started with a demi-bottle of Moroccan red wine, and a trio of hoummos, taboulet and aubergines (hummus, tabbouli and baba ghanouj) served with warm khobz and olives.

My entree was pure decadence. I ordered Tajine Mahfoul Agneau en Sauce Tomates et Oignons Carmélisés. (or Lamb Tagine with Caramelized Onions and Tomatoes). It was hearty and rich, both savory and sweet. The lamb was cooked so tender that it quite literally fell off the bone as I cut in to it, exactly what traditional Moroccan food should be. I couldn't have dreamt up a better meal. My luscious lamb tajine was so tasty, that trying all of the 12 other tajines Al Fassia offers, is high on my bucket list. I especially look froward to the chicken tajine with caramelized pumpkin.

At this point you know that I'm not leaving a restaurant without dessert. I'm eating my way through Marrakech and not the least bit apologetic about it. To satiate my sweet tooth, I ordered Pâtisserie Filo aux amandes servies avec de la crème glacée au lait ou à la vanille, or filo pastry with almonds served with vanilla ice cream or milk. Sorry, I can't help but flex the French muscle while I still have the opportunity. I obviously order the dessert with both the milk and the ice cream because decadence is my middle name. My treat was sweet, spicy and cool all at once. I found to be representative of Marrakech in that way.

We paid our bill, I don't even care how much it cost. That meal was dirham well spent. As we exited Al Fassia we were mentally and emotionally preparing for one last weekend in Paris before the final flight home. How is that even possible?

If I didn't make it obvious, I love Morocco!