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Un bref séjour à Paris: Part un

Lessons one learns quickly when traveling: things rarely go as planned and adaptability is key.

My travel companions and I arrived three days ago to a dusky, and overcast 'City of Lights.' The somberness of the rainy city and the unforeseen chill that accompanied it (which we most definitely did not pack warm enough for) was hardly a blip on our radars and certainly not enough to subdue any of our excitement.


After getting through customs as painlessly as possible, we hailed an expensive cab and zig-zagged our way through the city, musing of croissants, Croque Madames and quiche. You could say we were hungry.

We checked in to Hotel l'Antoine, a boutique hotel on the former site of a 17th century convent. Now the hotel is the essence of French chic, designed by Christian Lacroix. Located in the 11th Arrondissement, l'Antoine is within walking distance of the Place de la Bastille and neighboring the lovely Marais district. I'm already in love.

Anyone who knows me, realizes that my life is run by my stomach and that I happily enjoy living life meal to meal. So, I could only marvel at the loveliness of our hotel for so long before 13 hours of trying to avoid bad airplane food caught up with me. One of the truly magnificent things about Paris is that you can walk four blocks in any direction and have an infinite choice of mouthwatering cuisine, strong espresso and exquisite pastries.

We wandered a stone's throw from our hotel and stumbled upon a little sidewalk cafe, identical to so many other cloistered terraces in Paris. Judgement clouded by jet lag, extreme hunger and still half believing that this is all a dream; I forgot to write down the name of where we went. The attention-to-detail side of me will forever be bothered that I can't remember the name of the first cafe that I dined at in Paris. But needless to say, I ate well.

Freshest tomatoes you've ever seen, right?